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Master your surroundings. Awaken your instincts. Reconnect

Roots Night Event 2 x24 Hours

Roots: The Night

Skills: Race Ready
Date: October 2019

The NIGHT is a self-navigated, checkpoint race covering around 50 miles over 24hrs…

You’ll need your skills to be on point and not everyone will make it to the end!

Applications NOW OPEN!

Part Race. Part Survival. Part Teamwork. ALL Adventure.

Are You ROOTS Ready?

Do you have what it takes to step outside your comfort zone and develop new skills?

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Respect . Protect . Enjoy

The ROOTS logo is one fine example of a human.

Our ancestors wrapped their feet in animal skin for protection. They could carve a sewing needle from a bone, and then use sinews to stitch materials together to stay alive.

They knew where and when to forage for food and materials. They understood the world around them and never stopped imagining solutions to the problems presented in thier world; inwardly searching for new and better ways to live.

Can you say the same?
Mat Talbot – ROOTS Founder

Roots Adventure Racing Logo


Roots a team of marshalls with expertise from a wide set of disciplines with unparalleled skills and unique backgrounds.


We provide events created to give you a unique experience that will give you skills for life and take you outside your comfort zone.


Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life… Easily said of course but we believe Roots will change you FOREVER.

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Roots Day Event 12 Hours

12hr / 24hr

Roots Day Event 12 Hours

Tasks & Challenges

Roots Day Event 12 Hours

Advice, Tuition
& Support

Roots Day Event 12 Hours

Fresh Air
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