Take a look at the ROOTS logo. This is one fine example of a human being. This is the guy that wrapped his feet in animal skin to protect them. This is the guy that carved a sewing needle out of a bone, then used sinews to stitch materials together to stay alive. He knew where and when to forage for vital food and materials. He understood the world around him and never stopped imagining solutions to his problems; inwardly searching for new and better ways to live.
Can we say the same?​

- Matthew Talbot ROOTS Founder
Life has become a paradise of convenience for the vast majority of this country, with basic lessons and skills falling to the wayside. Be honest, how many trees could you identify that you pass every day? Do you know the names of your neighbours? When was the last time you read a map? Ever needed to tie somthing down and just ended up tying lots of shoelace bows and hoping for the best?
Our aim here at ROOTS is to equip everyone with the basic skills they need to stay safe and enjoy all the UK has to offer. Our passions are,
Because of this we set up ROOTS and look to make the great outdoors our classroom and fresh air and excercise our teachers. We welcome anyone with a hobby or interest that means they spend time outdoors.
Be it fell running or rock climbing, or simply walking the dog, we can all share our experiences and learn to enjoy the outdoors in a responsible way. We look to start with the basics and promote the Countryside Code; a great place to start your journey in to the wild, with lessons that completely transfer in to your every day lives. Every day more and more research is released on the benefits of spending time outside, just by removing your self from modern life for a few hours, you are relaxing your mind, and mobilizing your body.

Ask your self...

The UK has a vast and wide variety of terrain and habitats to explore. We should all make an effort to engage with each and every one of them.