Patience - Logic - Strength

Who Are We?

Roots is a unique adventure series run by a team of marshalls with expertise from a wide set of disciplines with unparalleled skills and unique backgrounds. You’ll learn from and have access to experience from Mountain Leaders, endurance athletes and adventure racers right through to Military officers and personnel.

What do we do?

We provide events created to give you a unique experience that will give you skills for life and take you outside your comfort zone. This is not OCR (obstacle course racing). This is not a marathon. And it is not Orienteering. It’s something new and very different. We use the term ‘adventure race’ but Roots is beyond that.

Why do we do this??

Our mission is to get you back to your roots and to help you experience a better life. We can all get caught up in the day-to-day life and trappings of the 21st century, our job, commuting, TV, social media etc that can be fun but have also made us forget the basics that constitute actually LIVING.

Roots Adventure Racing Logo

We want to help you get the best from active life and enjoy the outdoors.

– Matt | Founding Seed

Roots events have two very simple driving forces…

The first is to instruct and educate you as a Seed (participant) in how to master your surroundings and awaken your instincts.

The other is to provide you with a platform that requires those instincts to be razor-sharp and used in order to finish one of our unique events.

To mark the distinction between the three very different events we offer, we have named them DAY, LOST and NIGHT. This not only allows us to show you the increased difficulty and difference between the three but also gives a clue to their duration. The DAY is just 12 hours, LOST is two 12 hour challenges back to back with a night off in-between. The NIGHT is a full 24 hours non stop. You will only make it to the end if you have the skills and resilience to push through your comfort zone.