Patience - Logic - Strength

So you want to take on LOST and see if you have what it takes to become an adventure racer?

Its time to step out of your comfort zone and grow to your full potential as a wild human bean.

This is not a normal race! There are is zero course marking, you will need to find your own way. There will be no aid stations, you will need to carry everything you need. The obstacles you face will not be made of wood and metal. Rock and mountain, wind and rain, fatigue and the dark will be the hurdles you need to overcome. Self-discipline and motivation are not listed below but you will need to bring plenty of both.

All items on this list are mandatory but are open to the in interpretation of the individual. We strongly recommend that all kit list enquiries are submitted to ROOTS before the race weekend so to allow time to make amendments. With entry to LOST you will be added to a group chat with ROOTS Marshalls so you have a direct line for questioning, and all other Seeds can benefit from both questions and answers.

Ruck Sack                          Around 75 litters to carry all items listed below.

4 Litres of water              A bladder is recommended.       

Purification tabs              Enough to clean 10 litres of water.                                      

10,000 cal                         Food is a personal choice.

OS Land ranger 147        Normal is fine, adventure is better.

Map case                          Water proof

Note pad                          Water proof

Pen                                    Click pencil and/or Sharpie

Compass                           Degrees and Scale markings

Broom handle                  Any size

Sleeping Bag                    Suitable for the environment

Bivy Bag                            Suitable for you and your sleeping bag

Tarp                                   2m x 3m minimum

SOS Kit                             

Water proof box                            2 blue cylums

                                                          2 cable ties

                                                          Emergency Whistle

                                                          Fully charged mobile phone

                                                          Foil Blanket

20m of para cord

Knife                                  with a lockable sheath

Axe                                    with a lockable sheath

Flint                                   Flint and Stricker

Personal first aid kit        Foot care and hydration support

Pack of tissues                 These are for personal use

Anti-bacterial hand gel   For cleaning hands

Poo bags                           Add cable ties if you wish

Head torch                       Water resistant

Spare batteries                for your head torch.

This is a very basic kit list and all items need to be approved by ROOTS before the start of the race. This is to ensure that equipment selected by Seeds is safe and fit for poupous.   

All item on the list will be used but will remain fictional and fit for future adventures. If your application is successful you will be added to a private group chat with ROOTS Marshalls and other Seeds for an open and transparent means of enquiry. THIS LIST IS FOR YOUR SAFETY, IT MUST BE CORRECT!

Patience – Logic – Strength