What is ROOTS?

Patience - Logic - Strength

Good question! We like questions. Well…


ROOTS are the support network that helps you grow and stand tall. We provide tuition and support for those looking to take on the great outdoors and race outside of the course tape around the wilds of the UK.


ROOTS is an opportunity to find the limits of your mental and physical abilities. Its a self navigated, unaided gauntlet of trials and tests that you either have the ability to compleat, or you do not.
We design a top secret adventure race course that will crush even the fittest of athletes. We will show your weakness, then its to you.


Each year we host three events,


These events increase in difficulty as the year progress and we look to develop Seeds from outdoor beginners to badass adventure racers ready to go into the wild and concur whatever it is they set their minds on.

The DAY is our entry level event and will last around 15 hours. During this time Seeds will receive basic training on fitness, navigation, running, climbing and general race preparation. Our unique style of delivery will force Seeds to undergo intensive tuition on these subjects and then immediately be required to demonstrate their understanding against the clock as they race to compleat the task in time. The DAY is a team-based event that will test your nerve, skill and endurance to its limits.

LOST is our intermediate event where we build on the skills Seeds have been introduced to during the DAY and look to develop them during a gruelling twenty-four-hour test of strength, focus and determination. In addition to building on existing skills LOST will introduce night navigation, self-medication, and survival techniques necessary to compete as an adventure racer.

Throughout both the DAY and LOST the ROOTS Marshalls will be on hand to support Seeds as they look to grow and increase their ability to cover ground and solve problems. This all changes as we finish the year with our NIGHT race. Now Seeds are alone.

This is the toughest ultra marathon in the UK and the only the very best of humans will come close to crossing the finish line.


ROOTS is for people who have taken responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. Are you watching what you eat and attending the gym regularly but aren’t entirely sure why? You need to get back to your ROOTS and start engaging with the great outdoors. There is no better test of a humans ability to endure and thrive than the great outdoors.

Start training your mind and learn the necessary skills to explore all the incredible terrain and wilderness the UK has to offer. We can help you develop the skill set needed to achieve the goals you have set for yourself or provide an adventure for you. If you are looking to set your self a challenge in the great outdoors and want to explore the wilderness ROOTS are the people who can help your adventure come to life.