Why join the ROOTS tribe?

Patience - Logic - Strength

We live in uncertain times. The thin veneer of reality is set to crack and rupture any day now. Are you ready?

The list of possible reasons for life as we know it to get unceremonially turned on its head is long and very real. Political actions around the globe heighten tensions between superpowers and what we hear in the news is only the tip of the iceberg. Climatic changes are real and have already begun to drastically alter the fragile environment we have set up home in. There are untold astronomical doomsday predictions that threaten our way of life every day. All it would take would be for a hitherto unknown strain of the common cold to infect one human to set off an unstoppable chain reaction that leads to a mass extinction of humans here on earth.

When just one of these events occurs the world around us will change very quickly and only those intelligent enough to be well prepared will survive to rebuild a new civilisation. These few people will be well aware of the clear and present dangers that surround us every day. They will be mind full of the impact they have on the environment. They will consume a healthy sustainable diet and recognize the importance of maintaining a better than average level of fitness. They will be looking to increase their knowledge of the world they live in and look to understand all that surrounds them in a bid to one day master it all. These will be the few that inherit the earth.

ROOTS Adventure Training may very well appear to be an endurance event with a quirky twist but there is more to us than meets the eye. Scratch the surface and you will find an underground network of highly functional individuals who don’t fear the impending doom of modern civilisation, they welcome it.

Strong mobile humans who are capable of withstanding all that this country’s wild expanses can through at them. We understand the importance of being ready to push the limits of our understanding and fight to become stronger and more successful. We gravitate to the front of a crowd and take pride in our ability to make decisions and lead others to follow in our footsteps. We are the leaders of the new wold.

We challenge those alongside us to continually demonstrate their abilities and never fail to hold them accountable for their actions. We support one another and push hard so that they may continue to grow and become an unstoppable force of nature.

We are all born wild, but only a few remember. These few are ROOTS.

Patience Logic Strength