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Social / Spectator

Peak District





Let’s get together! You know those humungous redwood trees? The big red ones. Yeah, Sequoia sempervirens, they’re the ones. Did you know despite growing to heights in excess of 350ft their ROOTS only go 6ft into the Earth?

Like the mighty Redwood humans will rarely grow to their true potential without the support and encouragement of those who stand beside them. Sometimes simply knowing there are like minded people nearby is enough to keep you trying, enough to keep you training, enough to keep you growing.

We have moved our DAY adventure to a new location this year and there is plenty of room for more outdoor fans than ever before to hang out together.

All for £30

Maybe you are looking for a chance to go somewhere new and explore under your own steam. Maybe you’re looking for a chance to run some new trails. Climb some new crags explore some new woods?

hatever you are looking we have it all, plus a great bunch of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts to share it with.

We would love you to be able to join us to explore this great location and share a beer or two in the evening as we swap stories and plan new adventures.

Patience – Logic – Strength

Spectate & Support

If 12hrs(ish) of adventure training isn’t quite for you we are still offering:

  • Two nights accommodation
  • Full event details, locations and timings, to spectate the adventure
  • Running tuition from a professional coach
  • 5k, 10k and 20k trails to run
  • Bouldering guides to explore The Roaches
  • A warm bed, a hot shower and a full kitchen
  • + An after party around the fire!