The Day 2020

Patience - Logic - Strength


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The Day 2020

Peak District

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Roots Day Event 12 Hours12hr Adventure Training

Roots Day Event 12 HoursTeam-based Tasks

Roots Day Event 12 HoursAdvice, Tuition & Support

Roots Day Event 12 HoursFresh Air & Exercise

The Training DAY is the perfect way to start your year of adventure racing. You don’t need to have ever taken part in an adventure race before, we will show you the ropes! It’s a great opportunity to learn new skills, practice old ones and meet fellow adventure racers.

During the DAY you will receive tuition on a host of adventure skills necessary to explore, race or just hang out in the outdoors.

Learn new skills and reconnect with your ROOTS!

We don’t want to give too much away but ROOTS events are like nothing you’ve ever encountered.

Our events are uniquely designed to teach as well as help you identify your areas of weakness. Why? Well, not to break you down but so that you can build them up.

You’ll learn new USEFUL survival skills and meet like-minded people. You may start as individuals but as the event unfolds you’ll work as part of a team and learn essential skills such as map reading and making fire.

As The Day unfolds the team will work through tasks and challenges. Some are physical, some are mental and some will test your metal. But by the end, you will find out if you are ROOTS ready!

Why Sign Up?

Get some fresh air and exercise while you learn basic navigation skills, receive equipment tuition, learn how to use an axe correctly, what knots to use and why, how to light a fire using flint and steel and even rope safety and climbing skills.

The DAY event features:

  • Map & Compass Navigation
  • Kit Selection & Packing
  • Climbing & Abseiling
  • Bush Craft & Survival

Spend a weekend away getting back to your ROOTS.

Required Experience & Skills


“The DAY is a great introduction to adventure racing and the perfect way to learn some essential skills”

– Mat Talbot | Founding Seed