Roots Day Event 12 Hours

12hr Adventure Race Training

Roots Day Event 12 Hours

Team-based Tasks

Roots Day Event 12 Hours

Advice, Tuition & Support

Roots Day Event 12 Hours

Fresh Air & Exercise

Learn new skills and reconnect with your ROOTS!

The DAY is a an entry level event in to the world of adventure racing. Learn new skills and meet likeminded people looking to explore the great outdoors. Traverse the course along side the Marshals and receive nurturing advice and support every step of the way. Come and spend the weekend away getting back to your ROOTS.
Get some fresh air and exercise, learn basic navigation skills, receive equipment tuition, learn how to use an axe correctly, what knots to use and why, how to light a fire using flint and steel and even rope safety and climbing skills.

“The DAY is a great introduction to adventure racing and the perfect way to learn some essential skills”

Event Day

Looking to learn new skills and reconnect with your ROOTS?
Come and have a weekend with ROOTS Adventure Training at our entry level event the DAY. Sign up to become a Seed and let us help you achieve your natural human potential to solve problems and cover ground. Unite with other seeds to form an unstoppable tribe of primal humans that dominates its surroundings.

The DAY is a great introduction to adventure racing and the perfect way to learn some essential skills.

All DAY events start with the same easy steps. Saturday will kick off with an early morning team work out. This can be a little intense but is designed to bolster the tribe and unite seeds against a common enemy. After this workout, the entire tribe will get the opportunity to eat and shower before we begin the navigation workshop. This is a classroom-based task where we start from the very beginning. You need zero previous navigation skills to take part in this workshop as we cover all the essentials. By the end of this workshop, you will understand the principles of how to navigate with a compass and a map.
You will then get to spend the rest of the day honing this new skill under the nurturing tuition of the ROOTS Marshalls and other members of your tribe.

After the navigation workshop, there will be a kit check designed to help increase your understanding of each and every item on the kit list. We will chat about different options and compare Seeds personal preferences when selecting the right piece of equipment.

After the kit check, we will head out to make our way around a ROOTS adventure race course. A ROOTS adventure course is broken down in to chapters, with each chapter consisting of a movement and a task. The DAY is a team event and we will tackle each movement and task as a tribe, learning from each other every step of the way.

A new Tribe Chief will be selected for each movement phase of the Chapter. This will allow some first-hand experience of leading a group and decision making that will affect the tribe they are responsible for. The added pressure of making it to the check point in a given time helps simulate the adventure race experience. We provides a real life opportunity to test your new skills while under the supervision of the experienced ROOTS Marshalls.

ROOTS whole heartedly believes in “See one, Do one, Teach one”. When we arrive at the check point of the task the ROOTS Marshalls will give tuition and a demonstration on how to take the task in hand quickly and efficiently. After that, all Seeds will then need to complete the task for themselves against the clock. Again providing that real adventure race simulation for seeds to gain practical experience.

Tasks are based around real survival skills using the items you will carry in your kit list. You could be lighting a fire, using your axe, building a shelter or getting to grips with a rope safety systems. Whether you are looking to race or just remain safe when outdoors, these tasks provide real life skills and an opportunity to develop them while under the supervision of the experienced ROOTS Marshalls, all out door professionals and coaches. They are designed to simulate ‘expedition gone wrong’ scenarios for seeds to harden themselves against shock and some of the potential disasters that can occur in the wild.

When all of the chapters have been complete and the Tribe have successfully completed the ROOTS DAY adventure course, we light the fire and settle down with a hot meal and a cold beer. All great adventures end when everyone is home safely and their stories can be told.

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